Something brought you here

Maybe it's a desire to grow. Maybe it's a nagging feeling you could be doing better. Maybe you feel the competition at your heels. Maybe you're losing a little sleep.

We're here to help

Sancus Business Solutions is a boutique consulting firm bringing a well-balanced team of seasoned partners and brilliant young minds to help businesses navigate their toughest challenges.

Most often clients find us with a desire to

Start a business

Grow the business

Improve profitability

Align teams to execute

Solve a tough problem

Business Transition

Tackling complex challenges

We work across the full transformation lifecycle from strategy development through to delivering large-scale change programmes. Our ambition is always to be working on our clients’ most complex challenges, helping them to shape and implement the changes that really matter to their business. We deploy all-round problem solvers to partner with clients every step of the way; whether that be injecting fresh perspective to strategy setting, harnessing new technologies to effectively meet future challenges, or establishing the right organisation for operational efficiency.

Designed to put our clients’ interests first

As an independently owned and financed consultancy with no commercial ties or alliances, we focus solely on delivering our best objective and impartial advice. We don’t have sales targets or pay bonuses that would distract us from doing what’s right for our clients and we have deliberately managed our growth over the years; growing organically rather than through acquisition, to ensure the values and culture that make us different are retained.

Experienced transformation professionals

By handpicking the right consultant for each role, we match relevant skills and experience with our clients’ needs and provide the development opportunities that our people are looking for. This allows us to tailor our approach, leveraging our experience to focus on the uniqueness of our clients rather than solely relying on standard methodologies. We also put a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that our consultants fit in and build the collaborative relationships that enable them to work effectively..


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