Sales and Marketing Diagnostic

Using field visit observation and personal interviews with a mixed capability group of sales people, we use our expertise and ’best practice’ measurement tools to identify gaps and gain early buy-in to the change process, so that we can give individual feedback and provide a comprehensive set of recommendations to senior management on what needs to be addressed to produce competitive advantage through the salesforce. Sancus’s insightful structured customer interviews form part of the process ensuring that the scope for adding more value through personal selling can be clearly defined from the customer’s perspective.
What if your sales and marketing money are only delivering limited results, causing you to miss opportunities? Wouldn’t you want to focus on more effective solutions?

 Sales & Marketing Audit Reveals

  • How much impact your current activities are having
  • How much a client is worth to you versus how much it costs to acquire them
  • Where your spending is giving you the biggest bang for your buck
  • What opportunities are out there for you
  • Specific recommendations on where to go next, and where not to go

Key tools we utilise are

  • Structured senior management interviews re sales strategy
  • Detailed discussions with sales managers
  • Field visits with a cross-section of salespeople including individual feedback and coaching
  • Selected customer interviews
  • 360 degree total sales force and sales management survey
Benefits we provide:
  • An analysis of key points and elements essential for commercial effectiveness
  • A quick and easy to use synthesis
  • Recommendations that are concrete, operational and coherent with the resources of each business: commercial strategy, commercial organization, commercial actions, commercial training, management of client relations, etc.
  • Complete support in implementing the commercial plan of action up to the first results
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