Market Intelligence

We provide insights on the size of the opportunity, key trends and drivers, the market structure and key market participants, regulatory issues, and customer/end-user needs and decision criteria. All our work is entirely customized, and typically goes beyond intelligence into true insights and recommendations. We are not in the business of selling off-the-shelf reports. The following are examples of topics that may fall under a market intelligence study, but each project is different and customized to client needs and objectives. Some studies are fairly broad and may cover multiple topics at a high level, whereas others may dive very deeply into a specific topic.

Market Sizing

  • Size of market and trends in a specific country or a number of emerging countries
  • Competitor share of market and trends
  • Production volume and local use vs. percentage exported
  • Market size and relative share of various products and application/usage methods
  • Market penetration and growth prospects

Market Environment

  • Current situation and key trends within the industry
  • Existing and emerging technologies in the country
  • Emerging products the country is prepared for and excited about
  • Regulatory environment and policies influencing products and technologies in the country
  • Current and emerging business challenges and opportunities within the relevant sector

Customer Needs

  • Customer habits and attitudes towards specific products and technologies
  • Customers’ key selection criteria for products (e.g. pricing, quality, service levels)
  • The behavior of consumers while shopping or making other marketing decisions
  • Limitations in consumer knowledge
  • The impact of consumer behavior

Benefits for your business:

1. Knowledge

  • Obtain market research that fills your information gaps
  • Find out what the data means to your organization specifically
  • Understand what decisions you can take to effect positive change

2. Expertise

  • Work with our industry expert to get meaningful market analysis
  • Let us identify the right data collection tools to get the market intelligence you’re missing
  • Receive an in-depth report of industry trends, competitive landscape, and an assessment of your company’s current activities

3. Support

  • Rest assured as our expert handles all of the data mining and analysis for your project
  • Benefit from a customized presentation delivered by our expert
  • Get more consulting support to turn recommendations into actions
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