International growth potential

Evaluation to uncover your potential for foreign expansion
Entering a foreign market could help your business reach new heights in terms of growth, revenue and longevity.
It’s also a big step that requires adequate preparation. The best way to start is by evaluating your organizational capabilities in order to reveal your potential for growth.


Our International Growth Potential service will help you:

  • assess your potential for international expansion based on 3 key areas
  • identify your expansion strengths and capabilities
  • clearly understand the complexities and risks involved
  • identify gaps so that you can select potential complementary partners
  • discover the best opportunities for growth
  • get a summary action plan with recommendations

How we assess your potential for international expansion

We look at 3 areas to analyze your company’s ability to seize opportunities in foreign markets.

1. Organizational structure

We conduct a detailed assessment of your company’s organizational structure to get a clear picture of your current situation and understand where improvements can be made so that you can expand successfully.

  • Corporate objectives
  • Business model
  • Marketing and sales
  • Products, services and innovation
  • Human resources

2. Financial health

We look at your overall financial health to assess how it can support your expansion goals.

  • Financial capacities and agility
  • Long-term financial commitment

3. Leadership and commitment

We look at management and employee commitment, understanding and expectations to assess internal support for your market expansion goals.

  • Corporate commitment
  • International market knowledge

A three-step program adapted to your needs and objectives


Are you equipped for international growth?

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Where should you focus your efforts?

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What is your entry strategy?

Develop your strategy

Discover your potential for growth in international markets!
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